Our Story


Revolution Design Studio was founded on the idea that we could all use an injection of bold style in our lives. When you enter our world, colour is king and beige is a bad word.

We offer vibrant designs that appeal to the rebel in all of us, or to anyone who has ever wanted to flash a skull watch band in a business meeting.  

Don't worry, we're not just about looks. Our products are finely executed using quality leathers and bespoke manufacturing techniques that deliver form without compromising function. If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we wouldn't offer it to you.

Our life is full of whisky and chocolate, music from generations gone by and a healthy (we think) dash of dry humour. Some of our finest moments have been realized while enjoying a cigar and a wee dram in a hidden corner of the world.


Our Look

Our co-founder and artist in residence, David Woodley, is a talented photographer and painter. His photographs and artwork are the starting point for all of our designs, allowing us to create truly original pieces. Under David's artistic hand, a simple pansy can be transformed into an explosion of vivid fireworks. While David focuses on the pretty pictures, his co-founder and partner in crime does, well, everything else, including writing this description of his artistic vision.

The collections we have created have been a labour of love inspired by our travel adventures. From rustic Canadian landscapes to the painted deserts of Arizona, from the windswept black sand beaches of Iceland to the lush gardens of England, you'll find echos of it all in our current collections.